Cincinnati restaurants that closed in 2019

The anchor Opened on the incandescent restaurant scene from 2012 and closed in February. Alternative: For seafood, I say Mitchell’s the Streets of West Chester. For a lively OTR restaurant, you have all of Vine Street to choose from. The room is now Losanti Steakhouse.

Alto Pizza Kitchen + Bar: The pizzeria next to the Braxton Brewery. Alternative: So many places for decent pizza starting at Dewey’s. The room is now the drawing room on the seventh.

Bar Louie from Newport on the levee. Alternative: There are two more in Oakley Station and Anderson Township.

Boi na Braza was a victim of changes in the Carew Tower. It is supposed to be reopened with an announcement to come. Alternative: The new place where it will be opened.

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Campanello's Italian restaurant on 414 Central Avenue in downtown is closed.

door bell The city center was closed as a grocery store and restaurant after 100 years. Alternative: Scotti or Pompilio.

CHX, The fried chicken nugget restaurant next to the Three Points Brewery in Pendleton is closed to the public, although the space is used for events inside the brewery. Alternative: City Bird, in OTR, Harper’s Point and possibly other places in your neighborhood.

Rooster and bull on the corner of Erie and Edwards also closed in May. Alternative: For the British pub: Original Cock and Bull or Molly Malone’s, both in Covington. The room is now Mesa Loca.

Eighth and English in O’Bryonville took over a kind of cursed room on the corner of Madison and O’Bryon and closed after two and a half years. Alternative: Nobody else specializes in Italian seafood, but maybe Via Vite? The room is now empty and you would have to be brave to be in it.

The court estate at the Wooden Cask Brewery in Newport is gone. Alternatives: The original farm stand in Union. Now ready is the Drunken Hog, a grill restaurant that took over the space.

Frenchie freshwhich has my favorite hamburger closed in Rookwood. Alternative: the new Frenchie Fresh in Deerfield Township.

Habits, Opened and closed in Oakley Square since 1980 and said they would move to the laundromat across the street. I haven’t seen anything yet.

Hitching post closed in Hyde Park just before the end of the year. Alternative: How about Hathaway at the Carew Tower even though it had its own closing / non-closing drama. Or if it’s the fried chicken you’re going to miss, maybe Libby’s in Covington.

Injoy was a made-to-order Indian dish place in OTR that was terminated in June. Alternative: every Indian buffet works.

Q’in only closed in Newtown. Alternative: Just Q’in in Walnut Hills.

Says in over the Rhine. The Thunderdome Group had just finished redesigning the menu at this Japanese restaurant that they had taken over. Now they’re going to make another concept out of it. Alternative: the new Kiki in College Hill or Zundo Ramen on 12th Street.

Keystone Bar and Grill, Hyde Park. Alternative: Keystone Bar and Grill in Covington or Clifton Heights.

Social inner house in Walnut Hills. Alternative: If you’re looking for a place to switch from coffee to beer while lingering or working on the computer, try Bean and Barley in O’Byronville.

Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club closed after a barge crashed in. Alternative: Nothing really, because nothing was like that. Maybe on the other side of the river, The Cabana on the River near Fernbank Park?

Main Street Tavern closed in Covington in June. Alternative: try Parlor on Seventh, also in Covington, also with a southern theme.

MidiCi was a wood-fired pizza restaurant in the city center. Alternative: Lots of wood-fired pizzerias from Joes Napoli in Milford to Camparossa in Fort Mitchell. The closest is A Tavola in OTR.

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Mitchell’s fish brandt in Newport. Alternative: The other Mitchell’s Fish Market on the streets of West Chester.

Myrtle’s Punch House. Alternative: Nobody else has this beat concept, but head over to Japp’s to learn more about Molly Wellmann’s mixology. Now in space: Twenties, a prohibition-themed bar (opened January 2nd).

Sandwich. Local food champ Nino Loreto has moved out of his Vine Street restaurant. Alternative: I hope it will open elsewhere. Otherwise maybe pickled pork.

Pizzelii, My favorite assembly line pizza place in Columbia Township near 50 West Brewery. Alternative: No other assembly line pizza like Blaze or Rapid Fire. At least I don’t think any of them are particularly good. See previous suggestions for MidiCi replacement.

stamp closed as a restaurant in Clifton, but will continue to function as an event and catering area. Alternative: Brad Bernstein’s other restaurant, Red Feather in Oakley.

Roc’s Grill and Bar closed in Fairfield in less than a year. I never ate there, but the menu looks typical of a sports bar and there are plenty of them.

The Rook OTR: A board game bar / restaurant on Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine. Alternative: game night and beer at your home?

The bar area in the Sartre OTR is located in the Rheingeist Building in Elm Street 1910. Photo taken on Friday, December 1, 2017.

Sartre: It was kind of French, a kind of bistro with a cozy bar under the Rhinegeist brewery. The room will soon be something else. Alternative: try Goose and Elder a few blocks away.

Smoq There was a good southern restaurant in Fairfield with smoked roast chicken and a good grill. Alternative: Very close by is the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, another type of Mediterranean restaurant, and, I remember, pretty good.

Taco House Harper’s Point is closed. Alternative: The other Taco Casa locations in Norwood, Hyde Park and Walnut Hills. Because you can’t get a tuna boat anywhere else.

Teller’s closed in August. Alternative: Go to Alfio, a few doors down.

Troy’s cafe closed in Mason in April and then West Chester Cafe closed in October. Alternative: try Maplewood in Deerfield Township or Northstar Cafe in Liberty Center, though both don’t have the same cozy atmosphere that a chef owns. Coming to the Mason Room: A new location for the Empanadas Aqui food truck.

US chilli at Camp Washington. Alternative: Camp Washington Chili across the street.

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