Cincinnati Reds are trying to monetize Pete Rose while they can

The Cincinnati Reds bring the Hit King to their annual Reds Festival to raise money for the statue they’ve already promised him.

Sometimes it seems like the Cincinnati Reds went bankrupt and knocked on Mike Brown’s door for suggestions on how to be cheap with fans. Usually the two teams wear each other day and night. First, the Reds invite Pete Rose to their annual fan festival to make money, and then they can honor him.

It’s just not okay. First of all, tell someone that you want to honor them. Then you build a statue and bring it in to see it. Finally, show them the statue and say thank you.

Nowhere in the above paragraph does it say, “Ask the guest of honor to shill for the money.” Why would an MLB team do something that looks so cheap? What’s happening?

When did the Hit King become the Shill King? Rose is the king of moving merch from its Cooperstown lineup alone. That doesn’t justify the attitude of the Reds here.

At first, they supposedly celebrated Rose every chance they got. Seems like this story felt good. Now they have removed any pretext and urge fans to come forward if they want to see a beautiful statue.

Aside from over-commercializing the whole ordeal, the Cincinnati Reds have a cool idea for Rose.

What Rose does is pretty cool when she comes out of the soap box. He signs a baseball for each of his record 4,256 numbers to sell at the event. This limited edition has a cool reference.

It’s also great for fans to hear Rose Chat. He will hold a meeting on each of the two days of the event.

In that regard, he finally deserves to be the king he is.

What’s more interesting is that this is Rose’s first foray into Reds Fest. By the time it got bigger than the off-season caravan, Rose was out of baseball. Now he has the chance to see what baseball really is like in the new millennium.

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When the event takes place at the Cincinnati Convention Center on December 2-3, fans will gather to see Pete. The congress center has been organizing the festival for several years with great feedback. Hopefully the Reds can take a step back from this commercialization so fans can really fondly remember Peter Edward Rose.

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