Cincinnati Performing Arts organizations and venues announce vaccination and masking requirements for audiences

To help restart the performing arts in Cincinnati and to ensure the health and safety of its guests, staff and artists, a group of performing arts organizations and venues in Cincinnati announced today that they will require viewers to wear masks wear and provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test certificate for productions starting this fall.

Specific COVID-19 protocols (including guidelines for children under 12), logistics and validity dates vary by organization, but in general guests must be masked and fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide evidence of a recent negative COVID-19 – 19 test to attend an indoor performance. Most of the participating organizations plan to sell the venues at full capacity.

“ArtsWave supports the decision of many performing arts partners to require their audiences to be vaccinated or tested. Not only does this decision help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the health and safety of other art-goers, it also protects the jobs of the artists on stage and the crews behind the curtain. This is another important way to come together as a community to ensure the restart of the arts, “said Alecia Kintner, President and CEO of ArtsWave.For more details on these and other COVID-19 health and safety measures for each venue and performing arts organization, please visit their respective websites. Each organization communicates the new health and safety protocols directly to customers and ticket holders via email. The organizations and venues included so far are listed below, along with links to their COVID-19 health and safety pages: Cincinnati Arts Association (including the following.) Aronoff Center-based companies: Cincinnati Broadway, Cincinnati Music Theater, Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative , Exhale Dance Tribe, Mutual Dance Theater and Revolution Dance Theater), Cincinnati Ballet, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops, Ensemble Theater Cincinnati and Know Theater of Cincinnati.

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