Cincinnati officer outed undercover colleague, federal brokers lied to

A Cincinnati police officer disclosed an undercover colleague to the investigated nightclub owner and hid $ 81,000 in off duty earnings from the IRS, according to the IRS prosecutor.

Quianna Campbell, 39, was arrested on Friday. She is accused of lying to federal agents and filing false tax returns.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Campbell in the United States District Court, federal agents first became aware of them during an investigation into the possible involvement of Cincinnati nightclubs in organized drug trafficking and money laundering.

“In the course of this investigation, information was received that people associated with nightclubs had been or are being warned of police activity and were essentially informed and possibly protected by members of the Cincinnati Police Department,” wrote an IRS investigator.

Investigators later uncovered text messages in which a nightclub owner texted Campbell to ask about a specific person who had attended the club.

“She’s an officer …” Campbell wrote back. She also discussed possible reasons why the police would investigate the club, writing, “They work on random evenings and go to different bars. If they come back next weekend I would say yes. “

In an interview with federal investigators, Campbell denied sending the messages, saying she would never fire an undercover officer.

According to the complaint, Campbell admitted in 2018 that she had also concealed a total of $ 81,000 that she earned between 2015 and 17 while working off-duty. She did not report the total amount in her taxes to the IRS because “if she had reported the income, she would not have received as many tax refunds as she received from the federal government,” the IRS investigator wrote.

If convicted on both charges, Campbell could spend up to eight years in federal prison.

“The Cincinnati Police Department is aware of the charges and arrests of Police Officer Quianna Campbell this afternoon,” a department spokesman wrote in a statement Friday afternoon. “We will monitor the legal process and provide an update as soon as more information becomes available.”

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