Cincinnati has been rated as a top foodie city

Cincinnati is the sixth best city for foodies, according to a ranking by WalletHub, a personal finance website.

WalletHub compared the 150 most populous cities across 21 metrics, from “food cost” to “affordability and accessibility of quality restaurants” to “number of food festivals per capita” to identify the best and cheapest foodie scenes in the US

Cincinnati’s overall rating was improved by number one in the number of grocery, gourmet, specialty, and craft breweries and wineries per capita.

The city ranked fourth for ice cream and frozen yogurt stores per capita and tenth place for grocery and restaurant costs per capita.

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Take the restaurant ranking with a grain of salt, however. The city took 74th place in the ratio of full-service to fast-food establishments.

The cities that surpassed Cincinnati were Orlando, Portland, Miami, Tampa, and San Fransico.

Cincinnati Dining | The investigator |

This is what happened to some nearby towns:

  • Cleveland: 32
  • Louisville: 43
  • Lexington-Fayette: 58
  • Columbus: 62
  • Indianapolis: 66

The full list can be found on WalletHub.


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