Cincinnati Democrats lull themselves into the second presidential debates

President Trump will hold a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio on Thursday evening. It is his first meeting of supporters since the second round of Democratic presidential debates this week.

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson gathered a group of Democratic voters in this crucial swing state to discuss the debates and the stand of the candidates.

Gladys Pope, 39

(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)

About the debate about reparations for African-American descendants of slaves

“I don’t think people, black Americans in this country who are descendants of slaves, should get a check because then how do you find out who is who and the records were so scattered back then and how do you prove this and all that ? I think America has made atonement in the past for injustice to a certain group of people with payments for Holocaust survivors and the Japanese internment camps and Native Americans. America as a country has said in the past, “Look, we got this wrong, and we understand that we have put many people in a terrible position because of the federal, legal, and civil systems that the government has put in place.”

“Slavery was over … and that was it. From then on, everyone was equal. You wouldn’t see the economic and socio-economic differences you see now between blacks and whites. But there were certain systems put in place by the government over a period of decades, hundreds of years that put black people in a poor position, I believe. And I don’t think it’s wrong for America to acknowledge that and say, “Hey, this is how we’re doing this right.” Well … I disagree [monetary reparations]but something that recognizes the things that black people have been through in this country, things that we are still facing, and to help us gain advantage, to offset the disadvantages that have been introduced historically. “

Which candidate is best equipped to beat Trump?

“Well, you talked about eligibility and then you said, ‘Who do you think could be the easiest to beat Donald Trump?’ And before last night’s debate, I would probably have said Kamala Harris, but like that [Rep. Tulsi Gabbard] challenged her – and you could tell she wasn’t ready – she was thrown out of her game. It took her a while to respond and clarify her position, and that manner scared me.

“I don’t want anyone who can beat Donald Trump. I want someone who can beat anything they stand for. This race isn’t just against Donald Trump as a person. It’s against this new idea of ​​hate and bigotry and lies and deceit and deceit and attribution. We want a president who can get this whole era to bed.

“[That person is] Joe Biden. “

Yonathan Tewelde, 23

(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)

Climate change is a top priority

“I mean, for me, it’s a pretty urgent problem. I said to a friend of mine, “I’m going to buy a property in Tennessee and if we don’t do something, it’ll be a beach property in a few years.”

“It’s an urgent problem because it’s not just an American problem, but a global one. And in every movie in which an asteroid is heading for Earth, the whole world seems to connect and do something about it. But it’s not an asteroid – it’s our world. And I think we should definitely do something about it. If I ran for president I would probably say, “Yeah, this will likely be in the top 3 if not number 1.” ”

How the candidates attacked each other instead of Trump

“I had a business school teacher … tell me, if you sell one product and talk badly about the other product, your own product is probably not good. And I saw a lot of that last night.

“I mean, it made great television. The whole thing about Biden and Booker as I was reminded me of how [WWF Superstars of Wrestling] or whatever when i was a kid. That was cool to see but it didn’t take on any substance or I didn’t look at it and I was like [thinking]”I can see that person is president.” ”

Colleen Bowman, 45

(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)

Which candidate is best equipped to tackle racial segregation in the US?

“I think any person on this stage would have been better than Donald Trump at fixing racial problems because every single person on this stage is willing to admit that there is a problem that needs fixing and that we are more likely to do so need to go straight on than, you know, just saying, “Well, I’m not racist.” Because as Gladys said, we have a whole system built on racism. “

On the subject of sympathy vs. choice

“Choice is important to all of us because we are in the situation we are in. But I really took to heart what Elizabeth Warren said the first night, and I’m not going to get it exactly right. But she said it was the wrong choice to vote for people out of fear rather than the things we believe in. And I think she’s right about that. But I also think she’s a pretty strong candidate, so she would gain sympathy and eligibility for me. “

David Hughes, 59

(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)

About the idea of ​​universal health care or “Medicare for All” plans

“Well, I understand that most of the European countries [and] Canada has essentially universal health coverage. Other than that, if it wasn’t for Medicare – I only had one very minor procedure, I was in and out of a hospital in two hours, it was $ 8,000. If it wasn’t for Medicare, I’d be in trouble. But when we talk about universal health coverage in this country, I think it’s a third rail for Democrats. There has to be an option for people when you relate to employer-related care. “

Why he thinks Biden will be the Democratic candidate

“I mean, it’s a little early. I think all candidates are very competent. I would love Trump with any of them in the White House. I still think it will be Biden. I just think that he is the most eligible. He appeals to conservative democrats, to country voters, [and the] Working class. I just think he’s the guy, and I know there are a lot of questions about his age, but he looked confident like last night. And I think it will be Biden. “

Cam Hardy, Jan.

(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)

Which candidate is best prepared to bridge racial segregation?

“My girlfriend and I discussed this topic last night, and you know, based on the person I previously selected, I would say that Kamala Harris is a person well equipped. When I think about racial relationships and how crippled they are in America, I don’t like a person like Biden, or you know someone like this of that stature who just doesn’t seem to be able to care or heal.

“He’s been around for a long time. … I don’t know if experience in exactly this sense is necessarily a good teacher. “

About the size of the democratic field and who is leading

“I think that can’t be all: ‘I hate Trump. ‘I think to win a Democrat you have to have a vision and something about change. That’s how you can win. Personally, I think the number of people running is very large. So I don’t know who is leading and who is not. I mean, you know, I’ve seen all of the debates. But I was pretty bored, you know how seriously, I mean, there are too many people, too many thoughts, too many perspectives … Some should get out of the presidential race and run for the Senate. That is what I think we need to focus our attention on. “

Christine Zevon, 68

(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)(Chris Bentley / Here & Now)

On “Medicare for All” and the abolition of private health insurance

“I’m not in favor of universal health coverage at all. I think you should be presented privately. I’m on Medicare. I love medicare. I love it, love it, love it Great for turning 65 and not even worrying about big bills or medical bills. But after saying that I think people need the option and maybe I’m old school but just saying, “This will be introduced and it will be for everyone” doesn’t make any sense to me. And how they pay for it makes no sense to me. I think let it go Correct the Affordable Health Care Act that President Obama introduced and then go from there because what we have is working and it doesn’t sound right to me to start from nothing. “

How the candidates attacked each other instead of Trump

“I didn’t like it at all. I thought there will be a time and place where they can meet, but I think what needs to be discussed is what is happening to the person in the White House right now.

“And I think they should focus on what he’s done and let the American people hear it. If you want to add, “I’ll do something else like this,” but it was too much back and forth and I was disappointed. “

Chris Bentley produced and edited this interview for airing with Kathleen McKenna and Todd Mundt. Samantha Raphelson customized it for the web.

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