Cincinnati Bell Expands Workforce in Southwest Ohio

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To support the company’s ongoing investments in fiber optic networks, Cincinnati Bell and its subsidiary CBTS, a leading IT services and technology provider, will create 137 new jobs in Ohio.

The project will enable high-speed connectivity as well as network-centric technology and professional services to help business customers solve problems anywhere.

“We value our strong partnership with the state of Ohio and are excited to expand our workforce base in Southwest Ohio,” said Leigh Fox, President and CEO of Cincinnati Bell Inc. “The past year has highlighted the importance of connectivity and collaboration technologies. It also demonstrated the importance of serving customers and the communities we serve during troubled times. Today’s announcement will enable Cincinnati Bell and CBTS to continue to deliver mission-critical technology and give back to our communities well into the future. “

The recent job creation from CBTS is made possible by a job creation tax credit from the state of Ohio. JobsOhio plans to provide support for the project, which will be released after a definitive agreement is reached.

The company has also partnered with several organizations in the greater Cincinnati area to bring affordable Internet to thousands of K-12 students who lack connectivity in an increasingly virtual learning world. The Cincinnati Bell and CBTS staff are consistently among the most generous contributors to campaigns supporting organizations such as The United Way of Greater Cincinnati and ArtsWave.

“During the pandemic, at least half of students in the US had to attend school remotely. This is just one example of the importance of having students, employees and families virtually connected,” said Kimm Lauterbach, REDI Cincinnati President and CEO. “CBTS ‘commitment to the Cincinnati area in terms of jobs and connectivity helps make the area stand out. I am grateful for our partnership with JobsOhio and the Ohio Development Services Agency for supporting this project and their commitment to helping people stay connected. “

CBTS, which serves customers in all industries in the United States and Canada, is based in Cincinnati and is a subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell Inc. CBTS has partnerships with Fortune 500 customers, major healthcare organizations, several universities, and state and local government agencies in Cincinnati Ohio and across North America.

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