Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball News: A List of Likely Coaches

If I were a bettor I would say UC’s next basketball coach will be from this group of four:

Jeff Boals. OU-Trainer won the MAC tournament, defeating Virginia in the 1st round of Madness last month.

Dennis Gates: The Cleveland State coach has been COY for both of his two seasons with the CSU Horizon League.

Wes Miller: 185 wins in 10 years at UNC Greensboro. Five straight 20-win seasons, two NCAA tournaments, were under discussion to replace Roy Williams at UNC before Carolina hired longtime heels assistant Hubert Davis.

Ryan Pedon: Last four years as an assistant in the state of Ohio for Chris Holtmann, whom he followed from Butler to OSU. Previously spent two years under John Groce in Illinois.

And once again Darren Savino, Mick Cronin’s best assistant forever, is insulted. He received a courtesy interview from former AD Mike Bohn last time. Nothing this time. That’s a shame.

Although Erik Martin and Nick Van Exel were both interviewed for the job last weekend, neither is on that list despite former players asking Martin to get the job. Sources said Martin interviewed UC twice.

Well then. . .

JOEY VOTTO BOMB I was surprised (but shouldn’t have) the Joey Votto Ripper This is according to an Enquirer article published on Monday. If so a sacred cow of Cincinnati Sport for the past decade and a half, it was Joseph Daniel Votto.

Did we think he wasn’t going to age?

When he signed the big deal, everyone who understood simple math and the sometimes complex decline of professional athletes with decreasing bodiesEveryone should have known those days were coming. Now you are here.

He is no longer who he used to be. Most of us are not. The good thing about Votto, the encouraging thing, is him never stops working, learning, trying. For some of us, this process could be confusing. Joey the crazy wanderer went through a phase when hardship making outs was his holy grail, at the expense of running. What some of us thought was different for a guy who got 3rd on the lineup. For a couple of years, Votto left the RBI cargo to Jay Bruce and Brandon Phillips.

It was a generation argument, Mostly never about Votto’s skills or processing.

And he changed some. In a typically intelligent and self-analytical interview on Monday on Zoom, Votto said: “The ball has to go over the fence, and I haven’t done that yet. The ball has to go into the gap in the air, and I haven’t really set many good swings that will be gap balls, balls off the wall, balls over the fence. ”

Spoken like a batsman No. 3.

“Not to be scarce in any way, but I’m pretty aware of it. But I’m not where I want it to be. Yes, I hit balls at people, but I also roll over and I also miss punchable pitches. “

Votto loves metrics, but sometimes eyeballs are just as effective and nowhere near as troublesome. It’s shocking to see him show up twice in a game (opening day) or miss a fastball in the middle, but only if we forget how old he is.

He hits the ball hard and often. A quick perusal shows that hit averages are cruel everywhere. You could be a Braves fan (Albies .128, Ozuna .139, Freeman .143) or have Lindor (.176) or Rizzo (.118) on your fantasy team. And so on.

A batsman like Votto who is able to use every square is unlikely to be out of luck for a whole summer.

Anyway, I’m not sure what people expected from a 37 year old. 38 in September. But if he stays healthy there is no reason to believe he will be a lineup this summer.

I started to wonder if TEJAY ANTONE was still on the Reds team. He is.

I have to miss something. . . PGA tourist Billy Horschel sent Augusta National two apologies for his bad behavior at the Masters. His crimes? Hit an iron back into his golf bag and play without shoes as you try to knock his ball out of a stream:

“I apologize to Augusta National, the members of the club and the patrons for any behavior that may have crossed the line,” said Horschel in the second of consecutive apology posts on Twitter.

Did anyone expect Horschel to put on his shoes while playing from the water? If it were a crime against the Masters to knock a club in the bag, they would have excommunicated Tiger Woods a decade ago.

GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. . . Tom Brady recruited Gio Bernard to sign with Champion Bucs. You can bet Brady will get the best out of Bernard, which hasn’t always happened here.

WHO SHOULD VOTE ON THE RING OF HONOR? Candidates? Not just season ticket holders. Isn’t it cut and dried? Give me someone who’s not Riley, Curtis, Kenny, Boomer, Chad and belongs on the PBS wall.

Collinsworth, Whitworth, AJ, Willie Anderson, Lemar Parrish?

For sure. Dig deeper.

Reggie Williams? He was here for 14 years, playing 206 games, 137 in a row at one point. He was on the Bengals 40th anniversary team. He had 62.5 bags and recovered a team record of 23 fiddles.

Lou Breeden? Ten years, 33 picks, second best ever.

James Brooks? Four-time pro bowler, second-leading rusher in team history.

David Fulcher? Three straight pro bowls, 88-90 when he was the most feared safety in the game.

I’ll be walking with Tim Krumrie, the best DT in team history and soul of defense, for almost a decade.

I’m going to leave this in a moment. . .

“Do these people have grandchildren? Do they want their grandchildren to go to work and go to school and go through these exercises and worry about being murdered? What does it take? Then they care more about them than about your damned strength and yours Position and your donors. It’s the same with the police. How many young black children have to be killed for no goddamn reason? How many so we can strengthen the police force? We have to find out who is funding these people. I want to know Which owners are in the NBA fund these people who tell these lies, so maybe this is a good start so that everything is transparent. ”

This is the San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich Monday after the shooting of an unarmed black citizen, Daunte Wright, in Minnesota.

The best / worst car you have ever had. . . I owned two of the worst vehicles ever made: (1) A. 1974 Chevy Vega. A liter of oil was burned every 500 miles. I carried a 5 liter jug ​​weighing 30 in the trunk. On every hill, I seriously wondered if my passengers would have to get off and push. And (2) a 1979 Chevy Chevette Scooter. What “scooter” meant was that the car didn’t have a back seat. Seriously. At 80 km the floorboard completely rusted out under my feet, so my pants got wet every time I drove through a puddle.

That said, both were better than my buddy’s first ride, a Datsun B-210 that he started with a screwdriver and the crank window handles just fell off. Those were the days.

Best of all: the 64 ½ Mustang I drove in college. Bought it for $ 1,800 and sold it three years later for $ 2,200. It had the old Falcon 260 engine with a 3-speed manual transmission. And it flew. Was terrible in the snow too and nickel plated me with small repairs. Second place: The 2002 Toyota Solara I drove 290 km without any problems.

Expense reports are my life today. AND TODAY SUCKS MY LIFE. Just when I get used to one way of submitting costs, it changes completely. Now Gannett is demanding that every penny spent be recorded as an expense. On my next work roadie, I plan to buy a few packs of chewing gum for every day I’m out and about. I could throw in a couple of mints and a disposable lighter or two. Can never have enough mints and disposable lighters. When I add a penny to the penny plate at UDF, I snap a photo and submit it under the Tips category.

I wanted to write an up-to-date column today. Instead, I scan / photograph 27 receipts from my trip to spring training. Seems like a wise use of time to me. You?

TUNE O ‘THE DAY. . . Great and underrated band that makes a great and underrated song.

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