Cincinnati Area Author Pens Children’s Book About a Superhero Bunny – Press Release

Ultra Bunny: To the Rescue is now available online at

Fort Thomas, Kentucky – March 30, 2021 – Charles Infosino, freelance writer and author of The Inofficial Guide to Paramount’s Kings Island and Pina Panda: Adventures in Pandacornlandia, has just written a children’s book called Ultra Bunny: To the Rescue. The book was illustrated by Cara Dougherty, a talented young artist from northern Kentucky. Infosino recently announced “Instinct, Time & Place. My Encounter with the Other Galaxy ”- the autobiography of Mary Oyaya, who played Jedi master Luminara Unduli in Star Wars and was the first African model to be featured on an Australian magazine cover and to be circulated in a fashion magazine.

What’s bouncing over there? They are not bugs. It’s not the Easter bunny. It’s Ultra Bunny! Have you ever heard of the town of Petsvillandia? All residents go for walks and talk about pets. In Petsvillandia, life is usually peaceful, but sometimes things go wrong. If they do, the citizens of Petsvillandia can count on their hero – Ultra Bunny! When you’re in trouble, Ultra Bunny will jump to the rescue! Ultra Bunny performs heroic deeds such as rescuing a disabled person from a fire. If you like the Easter Bunny, you will love Ultra Bunny!

This book is aimed at children ages 5 to 10 and teaches the value of friendship. It is based on bedtime stories that Infosino wrote for his eight-year-old daughter.

Consumers can purchase the e-book or paperback from Amazon at Ultra Bunny: To the Rescue – Kindle Edition by Infosino, Charles, Cara Dougherty, Cara. Children’s Kindle eBooks @

“The message in this book is great! Help others and be a friend! Absolutely great for kids to learn important life lessons! Must read! “Reviewer Tracy R. Brown said.

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