Chevron and Honeywell launch the world’s first alkylation plant with novel ionic liquid technology – chemical engineering

By Mary Page Bailey | April 13, 2021

Chevron Corp. (San Ramon, Calif.) And Honeywell (Charlotte, NC) announced the commissioning and commissioning of the world’s first commercial-scale ISOALKY process unit using ionic liquids to produce alkylate. ISOALKY technology represents an important innovation in alkylation technology.

First used at the Chevron Refinery in Salt Lake City, ISOALKY technology was developed to meet the needs of the refining industry for a cost effective alternative to traditional liquid acid systems that offers process safety benefits. Using a non-aqueous liquid salt or ionic liquid, the revolutionary new catalytic process is treated with normal personal protective equipment and creates a valuable high octane blending component that helps reduce gasoline pollution. The technology was developed by Chevron USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Chevron, and licensed to Honeywell UOP. It is offered to the entire industry under the brand name ISOALKY.

“The ISOALKY facility is an exciting achievement for Chevron and the Salt Lake Refinery and is poised to transform the refining industry,” said Mike Coyle, president of Chevron Manufacturing. “We are proud of the talent and teamwork of our people and Honeywell UOP to bring this project to life.”

“ISOALKY is a breakthrough new technology for refineries and a lower risk and more economical solution compared to traditional liquid acid technologies that produce alkylate,” said Bryan Glover, President and CEO of Honeywell UOP. “Ionic liquids have strong acid properties that allow them to make alkylate without the volatility of traditional acids, which allows for easier handling processes. Together with Chevron, Honeywell UOP has brought to market a solution that meets the growing global demand for cleaner fuels at lower cost while simplifying complex handling requirements. “

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