Carin L. Fike sells 6,000 shares of Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) stock

Vice President of Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR), Carin L. Fike, sold 6,000 shares in the company on Thursday, April 8th. The shares were sold at an average price of $ 37.09 for a total transaction of $ 222,540.00. Upon completion of the sale, the Vice President now holds 41,244 shares in the company valued at approximately $ 1,529,739.96. The sale was announced in a filing with the SEC, which can be accessed via this link.

Carin L. Fike also recently did the following:

  • On Tuesday, March 16, Carin L. Fike sold 470 shares of Kroger stock. The shares were sold at an average price of $ 35.75 for a total transaction of $ 16,802.50.

Kroger stock traded at $ 0.25 on Friday, hitting $ 37.48. 230,880 shares of the company were traded compared to an average volume of 11,592,820. The company has a 50-day moving average price of $ 35.03 and a 200-day moving average price of $ 33.35. The company has a quick rate of 0.35, a current rate of 0.83, and a leverage ratio of 1.19. Kroger Co. has a 12-month low of $ 30.01 and a 12-month high of $ 42.99. The company has a market cap of $ 28.18 billion, a PE ratio of 10.11, a PEG ratio of 1.51, and a beta of 0.36.

The Kroger (NYSE: KR) last released its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday March 3rd. The company reported earnings per share for the quarter of $ 0.81, beating Zacks’ consensus estimate of $ 0.69 by $ 0.12. The company had revenue of $ 30.74 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst expectations of $ 30.79 billion. The Kroger had a net margin of 2.29% and a return on equity of 27.26%. Kroger sales rose 6.4% year over year for the quarter. For the same period last year, the company posted earnings of $ 0.57 per share. Analysts from stock studies assume that The Kroger Co. will achieve an EPS of 3.35 this year.


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The company also recently announced a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Tuesday, June 1st. A dividend of $ 0.18 will be paid to registered investors on Friday, May 14th. This equates to a dividend of $ 0.72 on an annual basis and a yield of 1.92%. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Thursday May 13th. Kroger’s payout ratio is currently 32.73%.

Big investors recently changed their stock holdings. Rocky Mountain Advisers LLC added 46.0% to its position in The Kroger in the fourth quarter. Rocky Mountain Advisers LLC now owns 952 shares in the company, valued at $ 30,000, after acquiring an additional 300 shares last quarter. Unison Advisors LLC increased its position in The Kroger by 0.5% in the fourth quarter. Unison Advisors LLC now owns 57,935 shares in the company valued at $ 1,840,000 after purchasing an additional 304 shares last quarter. Cairn Investment Group Inc. increased its position in The Kroger shares by 0.4% in the fourth quarter. Cairn Investment Group Inc. now owns 78,510 shares in the company valued at $ 2,493,000 after purchasing an additional 335 shares last quarter. Secure Asset Management LLC increased its position in The Kroger shares by 0.5% in the fourth quarter. Secure Asset Management LLC now owns 70,475 shares of the company valued at $ 2,238,000 after purchasing an additional 380 shares last quarter. Finally, RFG Advisory LLC increased its position in The Kroger by 6.6% in the fourth quarter. RFG Advisory LLC now owns 6,361 shares of the company valued at $ 201,000 after purchasing an additional 395 shares last quarter. Hedge funds and other institutional investors own 84.64% of the company’s shares.

Several research firms recently looked at KR. Telsey Advisory Group downgraded The Kroger’s shares in a research note on Thursday, January 28th, from an “Outperform” rating to a “Market Perform” rating and lowered their price target for the stock from $ 43.00 $ 39.00. Bank of America downgraded The Kroger’s shares from a “neutral” rating to an “underperform” rating and lowered its price target on the stock in a research note on Tuesday, February 23, from $ 40.00 to $ 28.00. 00 USD. Barclays downgraded The Kroger’s stock from an “equal weight” rating to an “underweight” rating and set a price target of $ 31.00 on the stock. in a research report on Thursday, January 7th. Morgan Stanley raised its price target for shares in The Kroger from USD 28.00 to USD 29.00 and rated the shares as “underweight” in a research note on Thursday, March 11th. Finally, Wells Fargo & Company raised its target price on shares of The Kroger from USD 31.00 to USD 34.00 and gave the company an “equilibrium” rating in a research note on Wednesday, January 27th. Three research analysts have given the share a sell rating, sixteen have given it a hold rating and two have given the share a buy rating. The company currently has an average “Hold” rating and an average price target of $ 34.29.

The Kroger company profile

Kroger Co operates as a retailer in the USA. The company operates combined grocery and drug stores, multi-department stores, marketplaces and warehouses for price impact. The combination of grocery and drug stores offers natural food and organic areas, pharmacies, general goods, animal centers, fresh seafood and organic products. and department stores sell apparel, home fashion and furniture, outdoor living, electronics, automotive products, and toys.

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Insider Buying and Selling by Quarter for The Kroger (NYSE: KR)

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