Bullseye! National archery tournament returns

The DEC recently hosted a successful nationwide archery tournament for New York schools participating in the National Archery in the Schools Program, also known as NASP.

For the thirteenth time in a row, the tournament for New York schools took place. In a typical year, many students traveled to Syracuse to compete against other archers from across the state. For 2020 and this year the tournament was held virtually.

While doing it virtually, the archers had to compete in their schools and submit points online. In addition to ensuring that the range was properly set up, coaches and students had to make sure their range complied with all COVID safety protocols, and the archers followed social distancing guidelines. The only qualification to register in 2021 is to attend an active NASP school.

A total of 18 schools from eleven different counties took part in the tournament this year, in which 430 students took part. The students are divided into departments, high school, middle school and fourth and fifth grade of elementary school.

The first-place team in the high school division was Richmond County’s St. Joseph by the Sea High School for the sixth year in a row. The first place team in middle school was Arkport Central School of Steuben County and the first place team in elementary school was Hinsdale Central School District of Cattaraugus County.

If you’re a school interested in getting involved with NASP in New York State, you can visit the NASP website. You can view the full results of the tournament on the tournament website.

Bullseye! National archery tournament returns

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