Bryson Spell Picks Cincinnati

Cincinnati fans have been eagerly awaiting good news on the recruiting front for the past few days. That came in the form of her first engagement from Cape Henry Collegiate (VA) Virginia striker Bryson Spell in 2021, who had just won a state championship. The Bearcat Journal caught up with Spell shortly after he was signed up to discuss why he chose Cincinnati as his college destination.

“Cincinnati was the right choice because of Coach Brannen and his staff and the relationship we have built. Bearcat fans can expect a kid who is always about team wins before personal wins. I am an ultimate competitor who is very skilled and I take pride in being the toughest worker in the gym, ”said Spell.

“Coach Brannen has an amazing vision for me and the program in Cincinnati, which is very admirable. If I see Cincinnati play this year, a player like me would definitely be useful just because of my exterior shots and my versatility, ”said Spell. With positions to be filled for next season’s squad, Spell will bring floor stretch shooting skills, a championship pedigree, and leadership skills on and off the pitch.

The 6-foot-9 spell is a long-standing Cincinnati destination that visited campus in the fall of 2019, spending its time on campus, in the arena, and in the sports facilities at a time before visits went virtual and Zoom became the preferred , really enjoyed communication method.

There are many minutes available right now, and Spell’s ability to watch key minutes early in his career likely depends on how quickly he got used to the pace and physical demands of college basketball. With a normal off-season in the weight room and some individual skills, he is given the opportunity to see the place early.

“I don’t know a lot of teams in the country who don’t want to shoot in every recruiting class, but I believe that my ability to shoot would seriously affect Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, I would be fully immersed in Coach Brannen’s vision and transitional movement crimes that would put me in a lot of pick and pop / roll scenarios as both a ball handler and a screener, ”Spell said. Fans may have noticed late in the season that the team’s 3-point shots percentage has increased as the offensive sets on half place out of 3 allowed them to look better while 3-4 players were on the field from a distance were threatened.

Spell will be the first engagement for Cincinnati’s 2021 recruiting class in a mix of high school prospects and transfers from other colleges when the coaching team compiles a list with a mix of skill, shooting, experience, and general talent.

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