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European brand licensing popular license this! Competition is now opens for entriesas it welcomes a new third tier courtesy of Mojo Nation as well as its expansion into the US market.

License this! has been helping brands and designers enter the licensing industry for over a decade and, thanks to the introduction of the brand new Inventions & Product Innovations category in collaboration with Mojo Nation, offers a stepping stone for inventors who would like to get into the industry, including the industry.

The competition will also debut in the US market this year License issue Virtual, with the same three categories for participants from Europe and the USA:

  1. License this! Character & animation
  2. License this! Brand & Design
  3. License this! Inventions & product innovations

The Character & animation and Brand & Design Categories are aimed at both unlicensed brands and real estate that want to use the platform to secure a license agreement or agency representation. Jurors are looking for new creative concepts that have the potential to spread across multiple product categories. Typically, applicants are targeted towards illustrator, publishing, or animation.

Meanwhile it is Inventions & Product Innovation Category is about tangible product inventions that are patented or patent pending, or innovative product designs that would benefit from licensing.

The assessment is based on the uniqueness of the product design of the invention, the brandability of the product and the presentation and presentation of the submitted video. All three categories take sustainability into account for the first time.

The European jury will be chaired by the Managing Director of Start Licensing, Ian Downes, who succeeds the legend of the licensing industry, Kelvyn Gardner, who sadly passed away at the beginning of the year.

Anna Knight, Vice President Licensing, Informa Markets, said: “Discovery and creativity are the pillars of Brand Licensing Europe and Licensing Expo, both of which are the foundation of License This! Program. By expanding the program geographically and demographically, we aim to bring new artists, illustrators and product inventors into the industry worldwide and give them a unique opportunity to mark their place in the licensing industry.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Ian as our new chairman to Europe. Filling in Kelvyn’s footsteps won’t be easy, but we know he’ll do a great job. “

Ian Downes added: “License this! is a great initiative and is now firmly anchored in the license calendar. Licensing takes new ideas and fresh creativity to flourish. License this! provides a great platform for people to explore and network in the licensing world.

“I am delighted to be able to take part in the competition again and look forward to reviewing the submissions. I’m sure there will be some exciting new concepts to discuss. I can warmly recommend it to the creative community. “

The winners of each category will receive a free booth at BLE 2022, individual consultation with members of the jury and a free one-year membership in Licensing International and Products of Change.

Previous license This! Participants, both winners and finalists, have signed successful license agreements.

The winner 2016 2016 Charlotte Reed, may the thoughts be with you said: “I’ve signed with licensing agent Clare Piggott since winning, and we’ve signed three major deals since then, and Half Moon Bay’s May The Thoughts Be With You series was a finalist in the gifts category at the 2020 Licensing Awards . “

Entry in license Dies! is free and now open online The deadline for entries is Monday 11th October at 5 p.m.

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