Bengals News (03.10.): Red alert

“Three Points Won’t Win”: What Still Plagues Bengals – Cincinnati Bengals Blog – ESPN
Whether with Andy Dalton or Joe Burrow, the Bengals continue to fight to score touchdowns in the red zone under Zac Taylor.

Jaguars vs Bengal 2020: Why the Bengal are a cause for concern
The Cincinnati Bengals have some cause for concern about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Bengals: A defensive playmaker shows up in the midst of fighting
Amid a disappointing start to the 2020 season, a defensive playmaker is emerging for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Matchup of the game: Bengals DJ Reader versus Gardner Minshew
Sunday’s game (1:00 p.m. – Cincinnati’s Local 12) features two of the most prolific rookie quarterbacks of all time as Bengals Joe Burrow takes on the Jags Gardner Minshew II.

Around the league

Postponed Steelers-Titans game for week 7
The NFL announced schedule changes after a string of positive COVID-19 cases among Titans players and staff postponed week four game against the Steelers.

49ers’ Raheem Mostert urges the NFL to shut down MetLife Stadium after further injuries Fox News
The San Francisco 49ers, who ran back Raheem Mostert, appeared upset by the numerous injuries sustained during the New York Jets and Denver Broncos game at MetLife Stadium on Thursday night.

Gase: “Everything is on the table” for Sam Darnold after he sprained his shoulder in the loss
Jets coach Adam Gase said everything is on the table after her franchise quarterback Sam Darnold suffered a sprain in his loss to the Broncos.

Michael Thomas ruled out of six New Orleans Saints starters against Detroit Lions
Michael Thomas, cornerbacks Marshon Lattimore and Janoris Jenkins, the close end Jared Cook, the security guard Andrus Peat and the defensive end Marcus Davenport are excluded from Sunday’s game.

Baltimore Raven trainer John Harbaugh hasn’t heard from the NFL about maskless arguments
Raven coach John Harbaugh says he didn’t hear from the NFL about lowering his face-covering to argue with an official during Monday’s defeat to the Chiefs. The referees union has reportedly filed a complaint.

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