Bengals Information (March 20): Cincinnati contacts Trai Turner

By the way, the Bengals have already contacted Trai Turner.

– Malik Wright (@Wrightreportt) March 20, 2021

Bengals bet on Atkins protege Ogunjobi, while Geno speaks through his successor
It’s not many days in a franchise history of saying goodbye to a potential first ballot in the Hall of Famer, but the Bengals had to do so to do the things they did when they released the eight-time Pro require Bowl Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins.

Joe Burrow shapes the Bengals roster while the team plays in the free hand
The author of the next book on the Bengals must orbit March 19, 2021. It is the day the Bengals officially joined quarterback Joe Burrow in his sophomore year of the second decade of the Zooming ’20s.

The Cincinnati Bengals agree to act Ryan Finley, releasing Geno Atkins and Bobby Hart
* Atkins, a 12th year player at the University of Georgia, was originally a fourth-round selection from the Bengals in 2010. In his eleven seasons in Cincinnati, Atkins collected 75.5 sacks, the third-highest in team history and more than double the amount of the next higher DT. In addition, its eight Pro Bowl selections are the most ever picked by a Bengali defensive player and the second most common in team history.

Bengals sign Chidobe Awuzie, Trey Hendrickson, Mike Hilton, Larry Ogunjobi and Riley Reiff in the free agency
* Awuzie (6-0, 202), a fifth year player at the University of Colorado, was originally a second round draft pick for the Dallas Cowboys in 2017. He spent each of his first four NFL seasons with Dallas and played In 49 games, 213 tackles, four INTs, 37 PDs, two FFs and two FRs were recorded. His Bengals contract provides for a three-year contract for the 2023 season.

Cincinnati Bengals release the eight-time Pro Bowl defensive device Geno Atkins
The deal was closed when the Bengals signed former Browns defender Larry Ogunjobi, a 26-year-old Atkins protégé. Ogunjobi, a selection from Charlotte in the third round in 2017, became a fan of Atkins’ game and the two got close when Ogunjobi held out his hand. Now it looks like he’s replacing Atkins on the grid alongside DJ Reader.

Riley Reiff signs with the Bengals to start the right tackle
Reiff’s signing came after tough recruiting efforts on Thursday evening in an upstairs room of Jeff Ruby’s swanky restaurant on the east side, which included the four new defensive starters. Former cowboys cornerback Chidobe Awuzie ordered The Precinct’s Steak Burrow, and later Reiff was convinced he wanted to join efforts to protect high-quality franchise quarterback Joe Burrow.

How a steak dinner turned a recruiting trip into a feast for Bengals
They were spread over three tables – one downstairs and two upstairs – in Jeff Ruby’s The Precinct, a staple of Cincinnati’s food scene. Among those at the table below were three notable people – quarterback Joe Burrow, trainer Zac Taylor, and Riley Reiff, who was on a recruiting visit.

Cincinnati Bengals were in contact with former Los Angeles Chargers security guard, Trai Turner
As poor as Bobby Hart has played in real duels for the past three seasons, the Bengals’ watch game in 2020 was just as bad. It is crucial to add at least one proven interior designer. It’s probably the biggest target left on the free agency checklist.

Bengal’s barrage of moves: Cincy swaps quarterback, signs a new offensive tackle, and releases 8-time pro bowler
The Cincinnati Bengals have so far been aggressive in the free hand, signing pass rusher Trey Hendrickson, cornerback Chidobe Awuzie and former rival Mike Hilton, but they were arguably the most active team in terms of player movement on Friday. During one wild morning, the Bengals released the star defensive tackle Geno Atkins, signed the offensive tackle Riley Reiff and swapped quarterback Ryan Finley.

Grade for Cincinnati Bengals veteran offensive tackle Riley Reiff
Protecting Joe Burrow is a top priority for the Cincinnati Bengals this off-season. They took the first step to achieving that goal on Friday by aggressively attacking Riley Reiff. Cincinnati drank and ate the Mauler, who many called the best offensive lineman on the market.

2021 NFL Mock Draft: Jets take Justin Fields, Bengals protect Joe Burrow, Lions get Jared Goff a gun
Now that the first week of the free agency is over, we see that teams are meeting some immediate needs on their roster with seasoned players. Some acquisitions are so significant that they take some position options off the table entirely in the first round. However, the NFL Draft is about long-term team building. Even if a team signs a solid veteran on a one- or two-year contract, that doesn’t mean they won’t take a chance on a younger, talented player who has more advantages and is cheaper too.

Geno Atkins cut: Bengals release eight Pro Bowl defensive device
A potential split between Atkins and the Bengals has been possible for months due to a combination of factors: his existing contract, age and lack of availability in 2020. Having appeared in 16 games in all but one season as of 2010. In 2019, Atkins competed in eight competitions with just one tackle in 2020.

NFL Free Agency: Cincinnati Bengals don’t sound finished yet
We now have a little more confirmation for this idea. According to’s Geoff Hobson, the Bengals are “still in the mix with Lions recipient Kenny Golladay” and “Guard is still a focus in the free hand”.

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