Bearcats Soccer maintain first apply classes of the season; Fickell provides press convention | Sports activities

University of Cincinnati football coach Luke Fickell.

With the arrival of spring, the University of Cincinnati football program has started preparations for the 2021-2022 season by holding its first practice sessions of the year. Head coach Luke Fickell held his first press conference on Monday to discuss this next season.

“Right now it’s about getting better,” said Fickell. “Right now in general [we’re working] on our idea of ​​how to get to the next level. Perhaps you’ve heard the idea, “High tide increases all ships.” The idea of ​​this deluge is not only putting pressure on the younger people in your program, but the trainers as well. “

Fickell talked more about how every player in the program starting in the depth map or playing afterwards has the same expectations. Mostly set by players like returning seniors Desmond Ridder and Myjai Sanders.

Those expectations come after a season that saw the Bearcats gain a fearsome reputation, ending their season number 9 in the country, and making their first New Year’s Six Bowl in over ten years.

The Bearcats were the only team in the big bowls to represent the group of five, losing to the University of Georgia with a field goal in the last second at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. The defeat was the only flaw in Cincinnati’s 2020 record, ending the season 9-1.

“It’s hard,” said Fickell, referring to the team’s loss in the Peach Bowl. “Every time you lose a game and you are as close as you are, repeat those three, four, five, six games and calls that you could have done differently. But it won’t change the fact that I’m really impressed with the way our guys handled the situation. “

Although expectations are high for the Bearcats for the next season, Fickell spoke about how difficult it is to read the excitement within the program as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make an impact.

Logs, a barely occupied campus and more than a full year away from seeing the Nippert Stadium full of fans continue to weigh on players and staff. As Fickell puts it, he sees the excitement in the midst of the players but continues to wish they could feel it more outwardly as their days progress.

Still, Cincinnati has an interesting year ahead of it. Although many key contributors such as James Huson, Gerrid Doaks, Elijah Ponder, Jarell White, James Wiggins and Darrick Forrest left to devote themselves to professional football, many used their extra year of eligibility to return.

To replace Defense Coordinator Marcus Freeman, who went to Notre Dame University in February, Fickell brought in long-time colleague and Spartan Mike Tressel from Michigan.

Meanwhile, young players like Jerome Ford and cornerback Ahmad Gardner will continue to make their mark in red and black – led by returning players like Ridder, Sanders, Coby Bryant, Darian Beavers and Alec Pierce.

“After fifteen exercises, do you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it better?” Fickell said his main goal was to achieve football through the spring. “Can you do the little program principles and fundamentals a hell of a lot better than thirty-four days ago?”

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