At Ohio casinos, the Racinos amid the coronavirus surge and overnight curfew, the deal hits $ 28 million in November

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Business at Ohio casinos and racinos fell sharply in November during the statewide surge in coronavirus after a record for action was set in the state’s 11 facilities.

National gaming revenue was $ 133.4 million, down 17.2% from $ 161.1 million in November a year ago. This was shown by reports released Monday by the Ohio Lottery and Casino Inspection Commissions.

The industry had released records every month showing the facilities open after they closed due to coronavirus-related orders from mid-March to mid-June.

But in November, when the coronavirus spiked, followed by a nationwide curfew from Governor Mike DeWine starting November 19 at 10 p.m., arcade business plummeted.

A lottery spokeswoman confirmed that the Racinos will be closed daily from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. due to the curfew, which DeWine said Monday will remain in place on Monday. The casinos in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo are also closed daily from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m., while the casino in Cincinnati closes from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m., a casino control spokeswoman said.

Revenue last month declined 27.1% year over year to $ 15.6 million at MGM Northfield Park, 4.7% to $ 11.3 million at JACK Thistldown Racino, and 22.6% to 14 . $ 5 million back at JACK Cleveland Casino.

The hit goes beyond the casino operator. About a third of gaming revenue is passed on to the state in the form of taxes or fees, with a large proportion going to local governments and schools.

Although records were open for casinos and racinos every month through November this year, results for the full year have fallen sharply due to the spring closings.

As of November, the industry had raised $ 1.31 billion, down from $ 464 million from $ 1.78 billion in the first eleven months of last year. That is a decrease of 26.2% for the year to date.

The seven racinos regulated by the Ohio Lottery Commission are limited to random slot machines called video lottery terminals. The four Ohio casinos regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission are allowed to offer a wider variety of slot machines as well as table games including poker rooms.

Below are details on each Ohio Casino and Racino.

Ohio casinos

Nationwide November 2019 November 2020
revenue $ 70.4 million $ 59.5 million
Board games $ 23.1 million $ 17.8 million
key $ 47.4 million $ 41.7 million
JACK Cleveland Casino
revenue $ 18.8 million $ 14.5 million
Board games $ 9.2 million $ 6.9 million
key $ 9.5 million $ 7.7 million
Slots payout 92.1% 92.8%
Hollywood Columbus
revenue $ 18.6 million $ 15.7 million
Board games $ 5.0 million $ 4.0 million
key $ 13.6 million $ 11.7 million
Slots payout 92.3% 92.6%
Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati
revenue $ 17.4 million $ 12.8 million
Board games $ 6.6 million $ 4.3 million
key $ 10.8 million $ 8.5 million
Slots payout 91.5% 92.3%
Hollywood Toledo
revenue $ 15.7 million $ 16.5 million
Board games $ 2.3 million $ 2.7 million
key $ 13.4 million $ 13.8 million
Slots payout 91.1% 91.9%

Source: Ohio Casino Control Commission

Ohio Racinos

Nationwide November 2019 November 2020
key $ 90.7 million $ 73.9 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 90.9% 91.0%
JACK Thistledown Racino
key $ 11.9 million $ 11.3 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 90.3% 90.9%
MGM Northfield Park
key $ 21.4 million $ 15.6 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 91.1% 90.9%
Hollywood Mahoning Valley
key $ 10.0 million $ 8.8 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 90.4% 90.4%
Scioto Downs
key $ 15.3 million $ 12.7 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 90.6% 91.1%
Miami Valley Gaming
key $ 15.5 million $ 11.4 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 91.4% 90.7%
Belterra Park
key $ 6.8 million $ 5.3 million
Pct. Payout 91.6% 99.6%
Hollywood Dayton
key $ 9.7 million $ 8.8 million
Pct, To, To, To Be, To, To Be, Payoff 90.9% 90.4%

Source: Ohio Lottery Commission

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