Ask Cincinnati answers questions about Bengals, construction, prep sports

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If you haven’t visited us on before, let’s introduce ourselves. We (trend reporter Briana Rice and social media manager Sallee Ann Harrison) run a forum that is open to everyone – including you. People ask questions and others can answer. We also bring helpful information from our newsroom.

Here are three questions we’ve answered so far:

Why has I-71 between Ridge Avenue and Kenwood Road been under construction for so long?

This is a good question for anyone commuting on Interstate 71. We have contacted State Highways officials and learned that they are upgrading and expanding this interstate stretch. Construction work began in spring 2018 and is expected to be completed in summer 2021. More than half done, all of you! (We are half full people with glasses).

What are the chances that Cincinnati / Hamilton County can adapt the Green Bay Packers plan and let the fans take over the team?

OK, who wants a share of the Bengals? We put this question to sports editor Jason Hoffman. He said:

“The Green Bay Packers are owned by the city and fans can purchase commemorative certificates even if they technically don’t own the team. While it’s cool to think about it, if the Green Bay Packers were bought today, there is a 0% chance that the NFL would allow another public team to exist. “

Why do TV stations call it “area” flood warnings?

Shouldn’t it be “area” asked one reader – is there a difference? Apparently there are floods. We wrote about it last June when it was particularly wet.

A flash flood is a sudden, violent flood that can take minutes to hours to develop.

Area flooding is similar to flash floods, but is more associated with gradual rain, not rapid rain.

So, yes, “areal” is a term and not just a live TV flub.

What are you asking yourself?

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