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Police have charged a second man, Lee-Davis Rurimirije, 20, with the murder of Sirac Tesfay, 23, and the wounding of a woman on Mathersfield Drive in Rosedale on January 29th. On April 1, the TPS announced the arrest of Henok Mesgena, 20, for the same crimes. Publication.

City News reports on Plus women who say they have been bumped by Instagram for no apparent reason other than maybe that they don’t have the designer’s idea of ​​the perfect female body. The story speaks about the company’s algorithm. But of course that’s a human, isn’t it? Do you remember GIGO?

5G fun for hockey jocks

It is reported that TSN and Bell will bring a new 5G experience to Toronto on April 15th while coverage of the Toronto Maple Leafs game against the Winnipeg Jets. With the new 5G View feature, available for iOS and Android in the TSN app, fans can control how they view different angles of the game on their smartphones. Read more at MobileSyrup

Vaccine milestone as 10 million doses dispensed

In Downsview

Highest infection rate in the north-western hotspot

Highest infection rate in the north-western hotspot

The daily tidal wave of new C-19 cases continues in GTA with the interactive map of Toronto showing neighborhoods where the virus thrives. The northwest of the city is a stubborn hotspot. Neighborhoods like Downsview and Humberside have had infection rates in recent days that have exceeded 1,000 cases per 100,000 residents. There are many others.

Toronto counts 955 cases on Tuesday

Mayor Tory has recognized the need to target people in these areas in order to slow the pandemic, but little seems to be known about the specific causes. Ontario again reported daily cases in the 3,000 range on Tuesday. There were 3,065 cases across the province, 955 in Toronto, 561 in Peel, 320 in the York area, 165 in Ottawa and 132 in Niagara. Since December, 323,148 people have been vaccinated with two shots.

The Toronto Real Estate Board announced Tuesday that property prices in the city continued to rise in March, while sales were almost double the same month last year. Sales in the region reached a record 15,652 last month, an increase of 97 percent compared to 7,945 in the same period last year. According to TREB, sales growth was so dramatic because it was compared to March 2020 when the first economic impact of the pandemic set in and both buyers and sellers feared the market.

Tom Gibney / CFTO News

Tom Gibney / CFTO News

Tom Gibney, 84, the longtime presenter of CFTO-TV News, has passed away. Mr. Gibney was from Yorkton, Saskatchewan and worked at CFTO from 1973 to 2007. He retired when the news division became known as CTV Toronto. Wikipedia

Former @TVToronto anchor Tom Gibney has died at the age of 84. Https://t.co/wuAxwHfDlo pic.twitter.com/oKrOnrrp23

– CTV Toronto (@CTVToronto) April 6, 2021

I lost a great friend and my second father. God rest well Thomas Gary Gibney. I loved working with you. You were one of the most straightforward and sincere people I have ever known.

– Lance Brown (@ lancebrownbig9) April 5, 2021

RIP Tom Gibney 🙏CFTO First News June 1986 https://t.co/8bWdKO0gmy via @YouTube

– Retrontario📺🇨🇦 (@retrontario) April 5, 2021

Very sad news. Such a kind, calm man.
He was a legend in this city, but never behaved like that. I will always appreciate the kindness he showed to all of us who tried to make it in business in this newsroom.

– John Lancaster (@jlancasterCBC) April 5, 2021

Gamble Ave.

Gamble Ave.

Cynthia Coffey

Cynthia Coffey

Police report the arrest of a man in connection with the death of a woman from the Gamble and Pape Aves area, Cynthia Coffey, 64. Her body was found in a unit on Sunday evening after those who knew the woman about her absence Concern arose. The defendant Hugo Munoz (46) is charged with second degree murder. He and Mrs. Coffey were known. Police are launching an investigation to “determine the full circumstances of Cynthia’s death.”

Anya Taylor-Joy tells Entertainment Tonight that she never knew Queen’s Gambit would make her the biggest thing since Doris Day, but hey, you gotta love it.

Mummies on the move in Cairo

There is no better place than Cairo for a parade of mummies, and On Demand News has lived up to its reputation for unusual events by broadcasting this report on a cavalry of 22 award-winning and embalmed royals. The mummies were moved from the city center to their new resting place further south in the capital. The vehicles were designed to resemble the old boats used to bring deceased pharaohs to their graves. The 18 mummies – including Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut – were originally buried 3,000 years ago.

April Fool’s “concert” sorry for a riot

The “La Boum” festival in the Bois de la Cambre park in Brussels was a total joke. Even so, up to 2,000 people showed up and of course didn’t go home quietly.

Fun with gasoline

Fun with gasoline

Easter weekend in Toronto was filled with unlikely events, including the use of gasoline to spice up a stunt driving event in an industrial district in North York. The police were treated with hostility when they arrived to watch the grunt celebrations on McNicholl Ave and Placer Ct. City news

Teenagers fall from balconies in Mississauga

According to police, three teenagers are recovering Monday after falling from a seventh-floor balcony in Mississauga on Sunday evening. This happened at 25 Trailwood Drive near Hurontario Street and Bristol Road West.

Murders reported

Ka Chai Ho, 75, is the reported victim of a murder that occurred early Sunday in Don Mills on 55 Skymark Drive. One woman, Pak-lin Pauline Ho, 62, of Toronto, is named in the crime and charged with first degree murder. On Saturday, 21-year-old Habil Abdilahi Hassan was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting near Scarlett Rd and Dixon Rd. Another young man was injured and police released descriptions of two men who fled.

I hope the animals enjoyed this Easter enrichment hunt as much as we did.

Good Friday takeaway line up at Olde Yorke Fish and Chips on Laird Drive / Kris McCusker

Good Friday takeaway lineup at Olde Yorke Fish and Chips on Laird Drive / Kris McCusker

A photo tweeted by Kris McCusker of 680 News shows the Good Friday line-up at Olde Yorke Fish and Chips. Some things happily stay the same. Constellations are not uncommon at Olde Yorke, even in normal times. This photo is reminiscent of the lines outside Penrose Fish and Chips (below) on the mountain. Pleasant round gone for a long time and very much missed.

Last listing at Penrose Fish and Chips on October 8, 2014 / Bulldog

Last listing at Penrose Fish and Chips on October 8, 2014 / Bulldog

Well-known businessman Leslie Szimeiszter from Bayview Ave died as a result of C-19. Mr. Szimeiszter, 90, was the owner of Express Travel in 1569 Bayview. He was a lively, personable, and popular figure on the business strip. Note

Nearby London

Near London

According to the OPP, a 17-year-old girl was killed as a result of injuries apparently caused by three dogs on the Thames First Nation’s Chippewas near London. She was identified as Megan Fisher. An autopsy performed on Friday led to this conclusion. The dogs are in an animal shelter under a public health quarantine order. The investigation is to be continued.

Ten people arrested for drug trafficking around 2195 Jane S.t

Toronto police arrested ten people and confiscated cocaine and cash after robbing various units in a residential building at 2195 Jane Street. One of the defendants is only 16 years old[eopleandseizedcocaineandcashafterraidsonvariousunitsatanapartmentbuildingat2195JaneStOneoftheaccusedisjust16Release[eopleandseizedcocaineandcashafterraidsonvariousunitsatanapartmentbuildingat2195JaneStOneoftheaccusedisjust16Release

Man hides in the stall of the woman’s washroom with camera

Toronto Police have released pictures of a suspect in connection with a voyeurism complaint. One woman reported having a booth in the women’s washroom on Crossways Plaza on Dundas Street West when she noticed that the nearest booth was a man holding a camera under the partition. He fled, but now there are security pictures. Please call (416) 808-1100 for information. release

Suspect in the charge of voyeurism

Suspect in charge of voyeurism

apr 3 suspect 1 apr 3 suspect 3

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