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Latest political news: The EU is not being “blackmailed” for UK vaccine supplies, says the French minister

James Crisp: The EU has a loaded gun on the negotiating table, but it will not pull the trigger. Exclusive: Covid passport controls may be required to go to work. Alex Salmond returns to politics to carry the latest news from the Alba Party Coronavirus for Independence: The infection rate in England is no longer falling, says ONS Iain Duncan Smith, who has been sanctioned by China for Uighur criticism. Subscribe to The Telegraph for a month-long free trial. The French Foreign Minister has said the EU is not being “blackmailed” by the UK for Covid vaccines. Speaking after President Macron’s failed move to block exports of the vaccine, Jean-Yves Le Drian said Europe will not “pay the price for Britain’s decision to prioritize the number of people who will receive a first dose.” “Since he knows there will be problems with the second one.” “You can’t play like that, a little bit of blackmail just because you rushed to get people vaccinated with a first shot, and now you’re a little bit disabled because you don’t have the second, “he told France Info Radio.” The UK is proud to have many people vaccinated with the first dose, but they will have a problem with the second dose, “he added.” We are fully vaccinated with two doses, not one. “Today we have the same number of fully vaccinated people in France and the UK.” Before this week’s summit, Ursula von der Leyen told the F Leaders from the European Union that the UK depends on vaccine supplies from the EU to complete the second phase of its vaccination. However, Sarah Schiffling, a lecturer in supply chain management at John Moores University in Liverpool, said the UK is “not as dependent on the EU” for vaccine supplies. A government spokesman said, “We are on track to meet our vaccination goals and everyone is getting their second dose within 12 weeks of the first.” Follow the latest updates below.

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