AP interview: EPA chief removes Trump-era science advisors | Government and politics

“Science is a big part of our mission, and I expect we will be part of that exercise,” said Regan, describing the emphasis on scientific integrity as a return to practice rather than a new initiative. “Science had not been challenged before the previous administration. There were some norms, some structures and transparency that we are actually giving back. ”

John Graham, a former George W. Bush administration official who headed the Scientific Advisory Board since last year, defended the work of the board, saying in an email that he “highlighted the scientific flaws in the Trump EPA’s plans to weaken greenhouse gas standards for Automobiles and Automobiles has uncovered remove numerous bodies of water from federal environmental protection. “

Graham said he was saddened by Regan’s “radical action” “disrupting” the service of every board member and hampering the work of the panel.

Graham, a professor in Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, said he will not reapply “because I respectfully protest the entire process that Administrator Regan invented.”

Regan said in the AP interview that its emphasis on academic integrity also plays an important role in recruiting new and former staff as the EPA tries to rebuild after losing more than 10% of its workforce under Trump.

“The EPA staff joined this agency for a reason. You believe in the mission. They believe in public service and want to protect public health and the environment, ”he said. “So it’s our job to make sure we have a work environment that promotes science, data, integrity and transparency. We have to go this way – show that we are a worthy place to work. I think a lot of people are already getting this message. “

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