Anya’s best guess, mummies move and wrong happening, real riot – The South Bayview Bulldog

Anya Taylor-Joy tells Entertainment Tonight that she never knew Queen’s Gambit would make her the biggest thing since Doris Day, but hey, you gotta love it.

Mummies on the move in Cairo

There is no better place than Cairo for a parade of mummies, and On Demand News has lived up to its reputation for unusual events by broadcasting this report on a cavalry of 22 award-winning and embalmed royals. The mummies were moved from the city center to their new resting place further south in the capital. The vehicles were designed to resemble the old boats used to bring deceased pharaohs to their graves. The 18 mummies – including Ramses II and Queen Hatshepsut – were originally buried 3,000 years ago.

April Fool’s “concert” sorry for a riot

The “La Boum” festival in the Bois de la Cambre park in Brussels was a total joke. Even so, up to 2,000 people showed up and of course didn’t go home quietly.

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