America’s Best Restroom is selected from 10 quirky finalists, including one from Ohio

(NEXSTAR) – If you can hold it a little longer, there is a really nice bathroom just hours from where you live.

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Cintas is currently accepting votes for its America’s Best Restroom Contest, an annual celebration of the cleanest and most fascinating facilities in the country. This year, the top 10 finalists include everything from sleek portable toilets to quaint public toilets, each with their own aesthetic, hygienic, and (in one case) poetic appeal, according to Cintas.

“We have a diverse list of establishments across the county competing for America’s Best Toilet,” said Cinta’s Marketing Manager Sean Mulcahey of the 10 finalists, first announced in July. “The public expects a higher standard of hygiene in public toilets and we are proud to highlight these unique toilets that are well-maintained without sacrificing aesthetic quality.”

Now in its 20th year, America’s Best Restroom contest, now in its 20th year, is trying a self-cleaning toilet in Colorado Springs, a “pristine” bathroom by Buc, according to Cintas, a company that supplies uniforms, cleaning products, and toiletries -ee in Texas and the facilities at the Nashville Zoo, which have floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the primate and python enclosures.

You shouldn’t turn your nose up at this year’s finalists either.

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Core24 GVL – Greenville, South Carolina

This bathroom in the Core24 GVL, a gym in downtown Greenville, was recognized by Cintas for its artistic vibe. The spacious ladies’ room offers not one, but two setups for selfies after training, including a sprayed mural and a wall of flowers illuminated with neon lights.

The powder room at the Core24 GVL gym in South Carolina. (Cintas)

Fancy Flush – Santa Rosa, California

This portable toilet “competes with some of the finest private bathrooms,” said Cintas, who noted its suites with two toilets, dimmable lighting and mood music, and an exterior “inspired by tiny cottages with a French flair”. Country flair. “

A portable toilet from Fancy Flush in Santa Rosa, California. (Cintas)

Terminal 4 of JFK Airport – New York, New York

Entering an airport toilet can be a tricky endeavor. But the toilets in JFK’s Terminal 4 on the east side of the customs arrivals hall are among the best in town, says Cintas. “Inside, gleaming white terrazzo floors, marbled walls and filigree wall lights combine to create a look and feel of simple elegance.”

The interior of a Terminal 4 toilet at JFK Airport in NYC. (Cintas)

Nan Thai Fine Dining – Atlanta, Georgia

The “Zen-like toilets” at Nan Thai have been delighting customers for years, according to Cintas. The facility received special praise for elements such as candles, stones and flowers, which give it a “modern yet organic” look.

A look at the toilet at Nan Thai Fine Dining in Atlanta. (Cintas)

Planet Word – Washington, DC

If you’re passionate about language, you’ll love the Planet Word bathrooms in Washington DC euphemisms, or definitions of animal manure.

The bathroom at Planet Word in Washington, DC (Cintas)

Pump House – Kannapolis, North Carolina

This “pristine” public toilet in downtown Kannapolis is on a downtown street surrounded by sculptures, swings, a seating area, and even a lighted fountain. According to Cintas, it’s also a great place to “hang out” as it’s close to restaurants, shops, and a brewery.

Pump house in Kannapolis, North Carolina. (Cintas)

Steamboat Springs – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The public toilet in downtown Steamboat Springs, with its butterfly-shaped roof and mixed-material facade, has enough “visual appeal” to be a 2021 contender. It’s also heated year-round, which is what Steamboat Springs is where the winters are freezing cold and the nights are cool.

A public toilet in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (Cintas)

The Fed Community – Clarkston, Michigan

A “fun surprise” awaits the guests on the way to the Fed’s toilet. In the ladies’ room, guests are greeted with a floor-based message: “You are beautiful” in the light, airy room. Over in the boys’ room, visitors are greeted with darker tones and the words “Hey Handsome” in the tiles.

The entrances to the two bathrooms of the “Fed” in Clarkston, Michigan. (Cintas)

Two Cities Pizza – Cincinnati, Ohio

Countless people have relieved themselves in a New York subway car, but Two Cities Pizza in Cincinnati managed to recreate that experience in possibly the most beautiful way possible. The entrance looks like a New York subway platform (albeit clean) and the toilets are modeled after subway cars, complete with graffiti, advertisements, and station announcements over the speakers.

The interior of the Two Cities Pizza Toilet in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Cintas)

William S. Craycraft Park – Mission Viejo, California

The facilities at William S. Craycraft Park could be just as quaint as the park itself, with new tile, wood paneling, and stucco paneling. It is also impressive that it is designed for 540 guests per hour, in the event that a swarm of park visitors bursts onto the facility at once.

The bathroom at William S. Craycraft Park in Mission Viejo, California. (Cintas)

The finalists, selected from the submissions received by Cintas, were determined on the basis of hygiene, optics, innovation and unique design elements, according to the company. This year’s competition winner will be awarded a Cintas UltraClean toilet cleaner and $ 2,500 for facility services or supplies. The “Best Restroom” 2021 also deserves a permanent place in the Best Restroom Hall of Fame.

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The competition ends on August 20th. Fans of a certain top notch finalist can currently vote on


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