After Early Signing Day: Where Oregon High School Athletes Are Heading for College in All Sports in 2021

Early signing day was November 11th, and a number of Oregon high school stars have pen on paper in their next step toward college sports in 2021-22.

A number of schools – including Central Catholics – skipped the early signing day because of the weirdness of this coronavirus-changed school year and will wait until National Signing Day on February 3rd to announce where their athletes are headed for College are. Here’s a look back at February 2020 and where the Oregon high school athletes signed up.

I will keep updating this list as soon as I hear from sports directors. If an Oregon High School athlete who signed up for college sports in 2021 is missing from the list, email [email protected].

– –


Kendyl Abel

Park University, basketball

Cameron Stone

Oregon, cross country / athletics

– –


Lauren Wilborn

Hamline University, volleyball

– –


Hannah Ramage

Eastern Oregon, volleyball

– –


Allie Hueckman

East Washington, basketball

– –


Daley McClellan

Oregon, volleyball

– –

Catlin fork

Bowen Blair

Colorado College, soccer

Eva Carlson

UCLA, swim

Lizzy Cook

California, swim

Thea Traw

Carleton College, soccer

Sophie Wand

Colgate, soccer

Jonah Zeller

Concordia-St. Paul, basketball

– –

Central Christian’s Myka Delamarter will play college volleyball at Bushnell University. (Courtesy Central Christian)

Central Christian

Myka Delamarter

Bushnell, volleyball

– –


Aidan Brown

Oregon State, soccer

Ben Gregg

Gonzaga, basketball

– –


Shelby Blodgett

Oregon Tech, basketball

Olivia Sprague

Oregon Tech, basketball and softball

– –


Avery Kyle

Louisiana Tech, soccer

– –


Nate Bittle

Oregon, basketball

– –

Crescent Valley

Sunitha Black

Boise State, cross country / athletics

Chance lamer

Michigan, wrestling

Ana McClave

West Oregon, basketball

– –


Maddie Doig

West Oregon, softball

Madelyn Loughary

George Fox, softball

Toby Ruston

Oregon Tech, Cross Country / Athletics

– –


Autumn east

Boise State, cross country / athletics

Charlie Robertson

Colorado, cross country / athletics

– –


Dana Butterfield

Montana, softball

Jayda Lee

BYU, cross-country skiing / athletics

– –


Schuyler Berry

Seattle Pacific, basketball

Fallon DeWitt

Iowa State, swim

Greta prank

Louisiana Tech, soccer

– –


Carli Moore

Oregon Tech, softball

– –

Hidden valley

Kaiah Fisher

Stanford, cross country / athletics

Sam Vidlak

Oregon State, soccer

– –

Brody Marconi

Jesuit Brody Marconi will play golf in the state of Oregon. (Courtesy of the Jesuit)


Jack Bennett

Columbia University, cross-country skiing / athletics

Alison Buchholz

Washington and Lee University, volleyball

Molly Grant

Notre Dame, cross-country skiing / athletics

Paige Grant

Notre Dame, cross-country skiing / athletics

Olivia Juarez

Washington, soccer

Maddy Koleno

Arizona, soccer

Brody Marconi

Oregon State, Gulf

Ryan Schumacher

Notre Dame, cross-country skiing / athletics

Joe Vranizan

Georgetown, lacrosse

– –

Junction City

Evan Potter

South Oregon, Wrestling

– –

The great

Presley justice

Kentucky Christian, volleyball

Chris Woodworth

Eastern Oregon, Wrestling

– –

Lake Oswego

Bridget Barnett

Alabama, row

Katie Cantrell

Southwestern Oregon CC, Wrestling

My Cremona

George Washington is rowing

Kendall Kaelin

Hawaii, beach volleyball

Jacob Matlock

Lower Columbia CC, baseball

Malcolm Williams

Santa Clara, baseball

– –

Cameron Clayton

Lakeridge’s Cameron Clayton signed up to play baseball in Washington. (Photo by Taylor Balkom)


Luke Basso

Oregon, soccer

Cameron Clayton

Washington, baseball

George Eisenhardt

Xavier, baseball

Cody Hart

Virginia, lacrosse

Anna Michie

Oregon State, rowing

Josh Schleichardt

Utah, baseball

Derek Seneker

Claremont McKenna, baseball

– –

The preparation room

Amanda Sisul

Central Washington, basketball

Addison Wedin

St. Mary’s College, basketball

– –


Zoe Allen

Oregon Tech, softball

Taylin Smith

UNLV, basketball

– –

Lincoln Cardinals

These Lincoln Cardinals signed up to play the next level sports. (Courtesy Lincoln High School)


Mateo Althouse

Georgetown, cross-country skiing / athletics

Sophie Bearden Croft

Western Washington, soccer

Mia Kane

UCLA, cross-country / athletics

Pretty Maycumber

Arizona, soccer

Jasmine sold

University of Washington-St. Louis, volleyball

Sophie Smith

Humboldt State, cross-country skiing / athletics

Nadia foundling

Brown, crew

Charles Willmott

Williams College, football / basketball

– –


Averie Romander

Oregon Tech, basketball

– –


Kylee Arzner

Colorado State, basketball

Jacob Barnes

Oregon State, Wrestling

– –


Leah Doutt

Southern Virginia, basketball

– –

Izzie Carrington

Mountainside’s Izzie Carrington will play soccer for Oregon State.


Isabelle (Izzie) Carrington

Oregon State, soccer

Presley Gauthier

Clark College, soccer

Jessica Maeda

University of Denver, Swimming

– –

North Medford

Neveah Smith

Portland State, softball

– –

Oregon City

Alex Newkirk

Multnomah University, basketball

– –


DeLaney Duchek

Mt. Hood CC, softball

Jordyn Murphy

Eastern Oregon, cross-country skiing

Kylie Parsons

Saint Martin’s, softball

Tucker pikeperch

Eastern Oregon, Baseball

– –


Olivia Hutchins

Warner Pacific, softball

– –


Brooklynn Dechent

Bushnell, volleyball

Paige Pentzer

College of Idaho, basketball

– –

Saint Mary’s Academy

Ali Nadalsky

Grinnell College, soccer

– –

Santiam Christian

Emily Bourne

Oregon State, volleyball

Audrey Miller

Lewis & Clark State, basketball

– –

Hannah Ledgerwood

Sheldon’s Hannah Ledgerwood will play college volleyball in East Oregon. (Courtesy photo of Sheldon High School)


Hannah Ledgerwood

Eastern Oregon, volleyball

Sophia Schmidt

Northwest Nazarenes, soccer

Ella Thomas

Colorado State, cross country / athletics

Carly Wheeler

San Diego Christian, basketball

– –


Noah Culbertson

Idaho, athletics

– –

South Albany

Jadah Schmidtke

Corban, volleyball

– –

South Eugene

Sahve Beller

Utah, soccer

– –


Maya Hoff

Seattle Pacific, basketball

– –

South Salem

Hilary James

Lip comb, basketball

Aleis Luna

Corban, soccer

– –


Jack Muth

Linn Benton CC, baseball

– –


Kell Estep

Multnomah University, basketball

– –


Amy Dickover

Umpqua CC, basketball

– –

Sweet home

Teja Abbott

Bushnell, beach volleyball

Bailee Hartsook

West Oregon, volleyball

– –


Hope Burke

Mt. Hood CC, softball

Isaiah Burke

Mt. Hood CC, baseball

Sierra Jenkins

Bushnell, volleyball

May Tomlin

Bushnell, beach volleyball

Carter Woods

Southwestern University, Lacrosse

– –


Eliana Testa

Eastern Oregon, Lacrosse

– –

Natalie Lathrop

Tualatins Natalie Lathrop signed to play basketball in Nevada. (Courtesy Tualatin High School)


Natalie Lathrop

Nevada, basketball

Olivia Seits

Northern Colorado, cross country / track and field

Cally Togiai

Portland, soccer

– –

Valley catholic

Zoe Beale

Wagner College, fencing

– –

West Linn signings

Collage of West Linn students who signed early.

West Linn

Ricky Bell

Oregon State, Wrestling

Cael Brunson

Oregon State, Wrestling

Brenden Crouse

Elmhurst University, Lacrosse

Zennon LaForce

Westminster College, Lacrosse

Sydney Marshall

Concordia-Irvine, beach volleyball

Audrey Roden

Nevada, basketball

Lily Snook

Portland State, volleyball

Colin Tervo

Illinois Wesleyan, lacrosse

Aaronette Vonleh

Arizona, basketball

Audra Wilmes

Washington, volleyball

– –

West Salem

Brandon Eyre

Oregon State, Gulf

– –

Julia Jordan

Westview’s Julia Jordan signed up to play softball at the Academy of the Arts in California (and she edited this photo).


Gabe Foster

George Fox, soccer

Brady Grier

Multnomah University, basketball

Masons war

Oregon State, baseball

Patrick hisatake

Cal, soccer

Julia Jordan

Art academy, softball

Braeden Munger

Lower Columbia CC, baseball

– –


Emilia Bishop

Northern Colorado, basketball

Sydney Burns

UC Davis, basketball

Madison Jones

Notre Dame, athletics

Clarissa Klein

St. Mary’s College, volleyball

Abby Maoz

LSU, swim

Reese Stalheim

Cal Baptist, cheerleading

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