Aftab Pureval Files signatures on sale for Cincinnati, Ohio, Mayoral Seat | Global Indian

Hamilton County Court Clerk Aftab Pureval filed 1,000 signatures on February 10 for the Mayor of Cincinnati. reports that Pureval has doubled the number of signatures required to vote.

Hamilton County’s electoral authority is now verifying the signatures. If enough of these are valid, Pureval will take the vote, the report says.

Pureval said its volunteers collected 1,100 signatures. Cincinnati’s charter allows candidates to submit up to 1,000. The Pureval campaign had 200 people collecting signatures, according to the report.

“Aftab’s campaign is focused on a recovery from COVID that will grow our economy and benefit all Cincinnatians. Our campaign is about building a Cincinnati that works for everyone and has a strong presence in every neighborhood, ”said Allie Watters, campaign manager for Pureval, in the report.

The Indian-American candidate closed his campaign account for court clerks and transferred his $ 174,000 balance to a new campaign account in town. State law prohibits Ohio candidates from having more than one state-level account, the report adds.

The Cincinnati Elections Commission recently decided that campaign funds in Pureval’s campaign funds can be transferred to the city’s account. The same rule applies to any candidate in a state or county that would run across the city, according to BizJournals.

The difference is noteworthy as people running for district offices can receive unlimited campaign contributions from individuals. The City Charter prohibits contributions of more than $ 1,100 per election cycle for individuals, $ 2,700 for political action committees, and $ 10,500 from political parties or legislative committees. Pureval must adhere to these limits in the future, says the report.

Pureval is one of 10 potential mayoral candidates, including Democratic candidate Councilor David Mann, Senator Cecil Thomas, Councilor Wendell Young, Councilor Chris Seelbach and entrepreneur and former congressional assistant Gavi Begtrup. All are democrats.

Also at the start are the retired firefighter Raffel Prophett, the co-founder of Dotloop, Adam Koehler, Herman Najoli and the multi-year candidate Kelli Prather.

The area code for the mayor’s race is May 4th.

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