According to the Cincinnati Economic Development Office, 2016 was a good year

The Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development has published its 2016 annual report.

According to director Oscar Bedolla, the city invested more than $ 440 million last year.

“For every dollar we put in public dollars in town, we brought in $ 8 in external investment,” says Bedolla.

Bedolla reported on Wednesday at a press conference at City Hall with City Administrator Harry Black and Mayor John Cranley.

The report comes six days before the Cincinnati mayor’s primary election, in which Cranley, Councilor Yvette Simpson and labor attorney Rob Richardson will battle for two spots in the November election.

Bedolla says the city needs to be proactive in identifying trends and strategically using incentives to keep that trend going.

Other highlights of the report:

  • Jobs created: 2,347
  • Maintained jobs: 1,840
  • Parking revenue: $ 10.9 million
  • Housing units created: 816

You can read the full report here.

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