A man stabbed outside the Cincinnati District bar had a portion of his lungs removed

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) A fight in the Cincinnati Entertainment District resulted in a man being stabbed seven times.

Devin Vaughn Graham, 24, was stabbed in the back, left leg and buttock area, according to a police affidavit. When the police arrived, Graham could not speak to them and was taken to the university hospital. It is also said that Graham had two operations and removed part of his lungs after the sting. Graham was in intensive care for six days.

Yaanan Uriel Evans, 21, from Far East El Paso, was taken into custody following the incident. The affidavit states that surveillance cameras show a man in a red tracksuit stabbing Graham. The addition of these witnesses identified Evans as the person wearing the red tracksuit in the security footage.

The affidavit states that witnesses told officers that Graham and Evans were fighting and things got physical.

Evans is being held on a $ 500,000 bond.

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