49ers Free Agency: Richard Sherman predicts Trent Williams will return to the Niners in 2021

Chris Collinsworth and Richard Sherman have hosted a podcast together since the middle of the 2020 regular season. They hosted 49ers who competed against Trent Williams and made some predictions about where Williams would play next season on their latest podcast. Sherman and PFF analyst George Chahrouri both believe Williams will stick with the 49ers.

At 103:52, Sherman asked Williams what role the quarterback position would play in deciding which team to play for. Here’s what Williams said:

“Any team that has a quarterback who we can say will have a starter for Day 1 in March is ahead of the curve. Because one of the hardest things in the NFL is getting a quarterback.

You can’t really tell this is a recovery process since you have the # 1 in place. If you don’t have a quarterback who knows how long it will take to get a Trevor Lawrence. These guys don’t just grow on trees. They are not accessible in every draft. “

Williams went on to assess Lawrence. He doesn’t think the Jaguars will go through a makeover because Lawrence is “ahead of the curve”. I wonder how many other players have a similar thought process regarding Lawrence or other rookie quarterbacks teaming up with a team like the Jets or Falcons at the top of the NFL draft.

The two have been everywhere – in a great, chatty way – giving us a lot of knowledge and nuggets. For example, Williams said the salary cap “is only a problem if they want it to be a problem,” and Sherman lit up. People joke that the salary cap is a myth, so it’s pretty fun to see players posted. Williams quoted Dak Prescott’s most recent contract and why the salary cap is difficult to understand.

Williams is a fan of Kyle Shanahan’s system. During the conversation he said, “I think Kyle’s system shows me a little more than many other systems.”

On Tuesday, Eric DeCosta, General Manager of Ravens, spoke about the importance of how a player fits into an offensive or defensive system. DeCosta explained why it wouldn’t be effective for a power running team like Baltimore to use a 280-pound offensive lineman.

This discussion by Eric DeCosta about roster creation is likely to fly under the radar, but it’s a really good look inside.

And the point at which the scouting department and the coaching staff are aligned is so important. That’s not the case with every NFL team.


– Garrett Downing (@ gdowning14) March 9, 2021

Williams would fit into any scheme. He’s a unicorn in the talent spectrum. Trent sounded like a person who knew the best version of himself was in a Shanahan crime.

In the video below, which starts at around 1:09:15 AM, George says, “That was great. What I took away is that the San Francisco 49ers are number 1 on your list. Kyle Shanahan’s offense, you want to bow down, and that’s where we predict you will go. “

Williams nodded and smiled the whole time. Then Sherm interfered:

“Yes, I have San Francisco. I let him stay in San Francisco for the believers. I think he’ll stay in San Francisco. I think he’ll keep you happy for another five or six years, get his gold jacket and then decide whether he wants it in Washington or San Francisco. “

Trent followed up and said, “That’s not a bad attitude guys. That’s not a bad attitude. You’re barking at the right tree. “

Sherman uses “you” when referring to the 49ers, and her fans get a feeling that the writing is on the wall. But Sherm added that if things went well for him, he would stay on the team. That statement was the first time we saw the “agent” version of Sherman.

George asked Williams what his prediction for the 10 year veteran was and where he would play in 2021. Williams praised Sherman for about 30 seconds, quoting how good a teammate Sherm was at how he connects people from the top down.

“I’d love to stay in the locker room with him, considering what he’s adding to the team. I think it’s going to be a win-now team and I think we were on a win-now team.

Rich is so smart he could go anywhere and fit in any locker room. I don’t see any restrictions on him. I don’t want to just say a team. I know how the believers are. I still hope it ends up in the locker room I’m in. I can see Kansas City and help this defensive field. I want to see a place with nice weather where taxes won’t stop him.

Vegas sounds like a good team. The Colts. The AFC, there are a lot of good seats over there. Until he lands in Seattle again, I don’t want to see him twice a year when I’m in San Francisco. “

You could tell the two have a great relationship with each other. It looked like two friends talking. The two laughed the whole time. That was refreshing to see.

By the sounds of the podcast, Williams is going nowhere.

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