2 restaurants in the Cincinnati area are on the list

Two Cincinnati restaurants were named one of Yelp’s 100 Best Restaurants in 2021.

The list was created based on user suggestions. Yelp has asked its community to submit restaurants. The Yelp data team then analyzed the submissions and identified the best restaurants based on reviews, number of reviews, and size of submissions.

In Greater Cincinnati, the Northstar Cafe in Liberty Township and the Two Cities Pizza Company in Mason were on the list.

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“This year’s list is the culmination of thousands of suggestions from the Yelp community, a list of favorite restaurants that we can’t wait to dine with loved ones again,” said Yelp.

If you’re looking for a quick ride to great dining, two other restaurants in Ohio and Kentucky have made the cut – Mayan Cafe in Louisville and Siam Hibachi in Grove City, Ohio.

Two Cities Pizza Co., in Mason, Ohio

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