18-year-old college student graduating from Ohio University

KENT, Ohio – While most 18-year-olds are graduating from high school, Benjamin Mudrak has just completed his bachelor’s degree.

What you need to know

  • Benjamin Mudrak graduated from Kent State with a bachelor’s degree
  • He began taking college courses in 8th grade
  • The teenager will graduate in August

“I’m pretty proud of myself,” admitted the 18-year-old Mudrak. “I mean, it feels cool. It was four years before it came to that.”

He studied mathematics at Kent State University. He began taking classes at the university when he was in 8th grade and was a full-time student in his freshman year of high school.

“I can’t really explain it. I just really love math, “he said.” I’ve always loved math. ”

He graduated from the University’s College Credit Plus program.

“Occasionally I had to take an extra gene to meet my high school requirements, but I didn’t have to take any special high school classes beyond that,” explained Mudrak High School, who is kind of cool. ”

Prior to the pandemic, most of Mudrak’s classes were in Kent state in person, and although he was still a teenager, he said he interfered well.

“I’m pretty tall, so I think some people were more likely to think I was older than I actually was,” laughed Mudrak. “I saw no reason to dissuade them.”

The 18-year-old graduate attributes much of his success to his professors.

“I feel like most of my successes have come from the professors here at Kent State, especially in the math department,” he said. “You were just wonderful to me.”

Next, Mudrak goes to graduate school in Indiana.

“I will do my Ph.D. Program at Purdue University in August, “Mudrak said.” I’m really excited for that. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m excited. “

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