12 reasons to subscribe to The Enquirer and cincinnati.com

The Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River, seen on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

You can play an important role in supporting trusted, local journalism. By subscribing to The Enquirer and cincinnati.com, you are helping our journalists hold those in power responsible for making changes in our community. Better still, you can get the information you need to keep your family and friends safe, healthy, and informed.

Here’s a look at some of the ways a subscription to The Enquirer and cincinnati.com can add value to your life.

Real news. Real savings.

By subscribing today, not only will you get the latest from your community and beyond, but you’ll also get a great introductory offer to get you started in the new year.

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175 years of stories.

Our mission today, similar to 175 years ago, is to educate and inform our local communities and to enable deeper insights into the world around us. Nothing can dissuade us from this commitment.

Clip. Business. To save.

Go ahead, brag about how much you save each week. Find coupons and sales ads for the holidays and every day. So far this year, The Enquirer and cincinnati.com subscribers have earned over $ 9,300 in coupon savings!

Do not worry. Be “Appy”.

The Enquirer and cincinnati.com together with the USA TODAY Network offer numerous apps. Each app can be personalized according to your needs. You can choose notifications for breaking news, sports, entertainment, weather, traffic, and business. Silence times for your notifications can be set in the app.

Your future. Your money.

From hiring to opening, you know what’s happening in your community and what it means to you.

We partnered with research firm Energage to identify Cincinnati’s top jobs. This year, 125 employers from the Cincinnati area achieved a high score for being recognized as Top Workplaces.

Take a look at our Top Workplaces Award Winners 2018.

Nominate your company for the 2019 edition.

Choose your messages.

To keep you updated, our Top 5 Newsletter comes out every morning – complete with great reads, story links, and article summaries! You can even customize them based on the topics that matter most to you.

It’s the time of year to be social.

Find new recipes to attract guests AND hosts this holiday season. Find out where to go in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky that shouldn’t be missed!

Think big. Read locally.

Community projects, local controversies and sensitive topics – you know what’s important in our hometown. For example, stay up to date with The Enquirer’s Pulitzer-winning coverage of the heroin epidemic and its impact on our community.

Get into the game!

From fans – for fans! Get an overview of all your favorite sports – we’ve got you covered. Our high school and professional sports experts put the student athletes in the spotlight and ask key questions about your favorite teams, from the field to the locker room and beyond.

Check out our latest sports headlines for Greater Cincinnati and Northern KY.

Best night of the year.

Unmatched coverage of the local Cincinnati dining and entertainment scene – Get restaurant ideas from Polly Campbell, find the best local events, and read reviews of current theater shows.

Coast to coast coverage.

Experience unique American stories from around the country – presented by over 3,500 reporters from the USA TODAY NETWORK.

Checks & Balances.

Our award-winning investigation team uncovers stories you need to know. We are looking for you.

Our reporters ensure transparency and accountability to the government by routinely advocating open records and meetings on behalf of the public.

Discover your reasons

Start the new year off to a great start by connecting with your community and supporting local journalism.

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